Installing Ionic and Cordova and its Dependencies

To install Cordova, make sure you have Node.js installed, then open your command prompt and use the command for installing cordova…

here -g means to globally install cordova, after the installation process is completed if you want you can check the version of cordova installed using the command below

Then you can install ionic using the command below

Again if you want you can check the version using command below

Create Project

Now its time to create a new project since both cordova and ionic got installed
Use command below:

Ionic start will create a new app from template. You can list all templates with the –list option.
Use “ionic start –list” to get result as shown below:
ionic template list

Here “MYSAMPLEAPP” is the name of project you are starting and blank represents the template in which ionic is going start the project.

Configure Platforms

To configure platforms use

Use “ionic serve” to run directly in browser.
ionic serve

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